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Common for small businesses is for the owner to get bogged down trying to do everything themselves, in attempt to avoid employing staff and keep costs low. Even when you put in long hours and personal sacrifice, it can be a struggle to get everything done. This is often the turning point that determines the success or failure of a start-up venture. 


Hire our experienced and highly skilled VA's to manage your daily tasks or projects you have no experience in. 

You only pay us for the hours worked, no taxes or national insurance!

Allow yourself time and give your business the attention needed from you to pursue growth.

English is first language for all our VA's


What we can do for you

Some of the tasks you can delegate to your VA:  

  • E-mail management 
  • Social tasks
  • Scheduling
  • Online research
  • Reservations
  • Data presentations
  • Diary / calendar management
  • Managing social media Inc. Facebook / LinkedIn / Tweeter
  • Data entry
  • Marketing
  • General administration
  • Web / logo design
  • Customer services
  • Sales Support


How it works

Step #1 - Meet your V.A

Contact us and meet your VA.

Within few hours our virtual assistant will reach out to you to learn more about your needs, outline our strategy and choose approach towards completing your tasks.

Step #2 - Email us you tasks

Email us direct with your tasks

Following initial meeting we’ll get straight to work. Make sure to send the virtual assistant your tasks with clear instructions and expectations.

Step #3 - Finished

Once assigned a task, our VA will get it done to meet your needs and deadline. To put your mind at rest you may always choose to track progress on your task. (upon request)

5 reasons why to hire a va

"Virtual Assistants are the best kept secrtet of Modern Productivity" by Diana Gottsman

1. VA's Work Within Your Budget

You know you need help, but you're not ready to hire a full-time administrative employee. There's a great degree of flexibility with virtual assistants which makes hiring a possibility for business owners. Establish what you can afford to pay, then find a professional who will work within those parameters. You don't have to pay benefits or get locked into a long-term contract. They can work on their own time, or establish a routine which works well with your office hours and schedule.

2. They Can Fill Multiple Roles

Maybe you need more basic or specific help, such as a receptionist or someone to update Excel files. Perhaps you would benefit from higher-level support, such as a virtual business manager capable of creating the processes and forms that your growing company needs. VAs can also be personal assistants, managing a mix of business and personal tasks. Whatever support you need, there's a virtual assistant who can help.

3. They Help You Stay Connected With Customers

It's a 24/7 world, and in business, two of the most time-sensitive tasks are responding to customer comunications and handling your social media presence. It's critical to devote the resources necessary to stay on top of both. If a customer reaches out to you either by email or in a post on your company's social media page, you need to respond immediately, not when it comes to your attention a week later. Having a person dedicated to serving as the social media eyes and ears of your company can help you protect your brand and stay responsive to your client base.

4. They Bring Valuable Skill Sets to Your Company

Some VAs have specific areas of expertise such as marketing, writing, social media, HR functions or bookkeeping. When hiring a VA, whether through an agency or on an individual basis, do so with an understanding of the experience and abilities you need most to ensure you get a good fit. Be realistic; while you may get lucky with someone who can do it all, it's not likely you'll find one person to do the job of several people, crafting emails, basic administrative tasks, developing  and engaging online content , and managing your books.

5. VAs Allow You to Delegate

Small business owners are (understandably) used to doing everything themselves, however this strategy wears thin when you're putting in 100-hour work weeks. Working with a VA lets you exercise your delegating muscles, a talent that will serve you well as your business grows. Start by developing a thorough job description. The clearer you can state your needs, the more successful the experience will be for both of you. Like anything else, you get out what you put in, so it will require an initial investment of time, thought and training to hand work over. However, this up-front investment will provide more freedom to do the things that only you can do..